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Use this map to find pasture-raised meat, poultry and eggs in Indiana


Pastured meat, poultry and eggs are usually raised fairly sustainably, and most meat products either raised or finished on grass contain less harmful gut bacteria like e. coli.

There may also be some evidence (if scant) that grassfed milk and meat might help you maintain a leaner body mass. Not to mention grassfed animals live in much more comfortable conditions than feedlot animals. You can read more on why grassfed products are, from the soil to the steak, better for you, the animal, your tastebuds, and the earth on Eatwild's Basics page. 

Then click on over to this amazing Google Map and make plans to roadtrip out for some unbelievably delicious grassfed meat, eggs and poultry. 

H/t to music editrix Kat Coplen for making me aware of this website!


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