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Vacation: Cincinnati pop-punk...with a vengeance



I've always envied Cincinnati for having the punk/hardcore/indie rock scene that I wish Indianapolis had. Not only has Cincinnati produced several great bands that have achieved regional and national notoriety (The Dopamines, The Seedy Seeds and The Pinstripes for starters), but they have an extremely strong, healthy local scene. There are several prominent all-ages venues of various sizes in the city as well as a score of solid bars for shows.

The newest bulb in Cincy’s bright music scene is Vacation. Formed by members of The Read and Till Plains, (who both had followings in the basement scene here in the city), the band has been making waves in the regional punk scene.

Vacation gets a little weird...
  • Vacation gets a little weird...

Their sound is based in the neo-pop punk movement that is currently blowing up in basements and bars across the country. Their music is rowdy and loud, but it’s super catchy with lots of “ohhs” and “ahhs”. Also, Vacation incorporates many elements of music not normally found in pop-punk. The guitar intro to “Wyatt’s Song” sounds like it’s straight out of a At The Drive-In song; not something you hear in pop punk.

"Wyatt's Song"

The band is playing a free show in the city this Saturday at Moria. It will be their first show in the city and it will be with basement favorites The Copyrights and Like Bats. While I try to avoid shameless plugs of my own shows, I definitely think that this show will be worth checking out.

"The Party's Over"


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