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Varying degrees of success


Stained glass in the Indiana Statehouse Rotunda
  • Stained glass in the Indiana Statehouse Rotunda

Sine die, the final day of the 2014 Indiana General Assembly arrived last Thursday and our leaders voiced different assessments on Indiana's legislative vision and innovation.

Readers will remember that, among other activities this session, leaders: chose marriage definition as an issue of prime importance; determined that pre-K education was important enough to fund a limited pilot program; dipped into their rainy day transportation fund to try to catch up with back-logged transportation infrastructure projects; and, finally, gave Central Indiana residents the right to vote on funding mass transit improvements - as long as they don't involve light rail.

Many local GOP leaders shared Gov. Mike Pence's sentiment, spelled out in a Thursday news release: " ... Every Hoosier will be glad to know that this session brought real progress on jobs, roads and schools."

The subject lines on two emails from John Schorg, the House Democrats press liaison, spoke volumes on the opposition's stance: "[House Minority Leader Scott] Pelath On 2014 Session: 'Seriously, Was That The Best We Could Do?'" and "[Indy Rep. Greg] Porter: SB 1 'Tax Relief' Typifies Missed Opportunities Of 2014 Legislative Session."


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