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'Verse & El Carnicero‏ to debut at Blend



Blend at Tru, a weekly electro/mashup dance event, continues to evolve and feature different formats and types of live music. This Friday will be one such experiment as local singer/songwriter/producer 'Verse and Indy-based producer El Carnicero take their latest project to the stage.

Curious for a preview of what to expect from a live performance, we contacted 'Verse with a few questions.

NUVO: The secret tracks you shared with us from your upcoming EP are very unique and have a special sound. How are you describing this project when you explain it to someone who has never heard it?
It's honestly kind of difficult explaining the whole thing to people at once. I usually say it's a mix of synthpop and trance and leave it at that. The concept behind it is really only known to an exclusive audience.

NUVO: Your press kit bio (see below) describes how you met each other via a Craigslist ad. But once you met and decided to collaborate, how did it develop from there? What were your visions for the music/project and how did you merge your ideas?
We've actually still only met a handful of times, which is ridiculous. I feel like we've known each other for years. I think when we first got together we both knew it was mandatory to start playing locally and pushing some releases. We're still in the process of merging our ideas; it seems like people keep popping up out of the woodwork to help us out. There are too many visions to keep track of!

NUVO: What's next? Where can we see you next? When are you releasing music (i.e. the tracks you sent us)?
You can see us at Tru Night Club in Broadripple this coming Friday, January 28th, at 11pm! As for later dates, at the moment nothing's permanent. Same with releases. We have an EP currently being wrapped up that will be released within the next few months, and shortly after I'm hoping to release my entire album.

Verse - Atmo (El Carnicero Remix ft. Alpha.Live) by El Carnicero

From their bios:
After leaving the Indianapolis indie rock band Jascha, 'Verse (a.k.a. Lauren Moore) wrote, composed, produced, and sang a short album themed around a show called Firefly, a sci-fi program about space smugglers/pirates. Verse later linked up with Indianapolis based producer El Carnicero who replied to a Craigslist ad she posted looking for collaborations and remixes. El Carnicero went on to remix some of the songs from the Firefly concept album and the two have begun performing these remixes, as well as originals, around Indianapolis.
'Verse on Soundcloud
'Verse on Twitter

El Carnicero (a.k.a. Aaron Berg) has been making music for the past 10 years. In the mid-2000s as grime and dubstep were making their way across the Atlantic to the States, he teamed up with Philly based producers Starkey and Dev79 to form the now infamous Slit Jockey Records. In the past, he has produced tracks for Grammy Award winning Doodlebug of Digable Planets, underground dancehall stars Warrior Queen and RikoDan of the Roll Deep Crew, and Indianapolis based MC Grey Granite. El Carnicero is currently working on new projects with New York rapper Elucid, and Indianapolis singer-songwriter 'Verse.
El Carnicero on Slit Jockey
El Carnicero on Soundcloud
El Carnicero on Twitter

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