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Video Premiere: "Shallow Be Thy Name," by Night of the Comet


Still from "Shallow Be Thy Name" 's video - SUBMITTED PHOTO
  • Submitted Photo
  • Still from "Shallow Be Thy Name" 's video

There's a lot of reasons to be excited about the Vogue's Friday night show. First, the details: 11 Indy bands including sugar moon rabbit, Dell Zell, Ghosts of Kin, Gypsy Moonshine, ACE ONE and Skittz, Mad Wails, No Pit Cherries, Square Social Circle, Ari and Jenny, the 3 AM Blues Band, and The Rhaspers join forces with some of the region's best visual artists and burlesque performers in this fundraiser for the Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence. 100 percent of proceeds benefit that organization and The Coburn Place Safe House for Survivors of Domestic Violence. The first 75 people through the door will get a free compilation featuring the bands performing. Burlesque performers and live art will augment the show. But perhaps most exciting is the first performance of a new song by a local super group called Night of the Comet, featuring members of Sugar Moon Rabbit, Dell Zell, Breakdown Kings, Ghosts of Kin and Janet Duke and the Seven Deadly. We salute these artists for their commitment to awareness-raising for issues as important as domestic violence. 

Night of the Comet, on the grounds of the IMA - SUBMITTED PHOTO
  • Submitted Photo
  • Night of the Comet, on the grounds of the IMA

And we're jazzed to bring you the official video for the track, filmed on the grounds of the IMA, too. A bit more information about the song and vid from Trevor Potts, who wrote and performed the track: "The song is called 'Shallow Be Thy Name,' an intentional play on and homage to a Red Hot Chili Peppers tune similarly named, as we also appreciate its political orientation. The song also includes subtle nods to The Toadies and Rage Against the Machine, two of our other politically oriented favorite groups — and the video contains a wink to the video of the song 'Queer by the 90s alt-group Garbage. ... The director for the video is Sam Mirpoorian who directed the Uncharted: The Truth Behind Homelessness documentary, and he is also donating his full time and costs to benefit the organizations."

Potts has coordinated and participated in many awareness-raising events about domestic violence at IUPUI, where he teaches. 

Night of the Comet will perform the song for the first (and possibly only) time ever at the Vogue on Friday night. 

Production notes: 

Trevor Potts - Sugar Moon Rabbit, writer and vocals
Jessie Phelps - Ghosts of Kin, vocals
Ari Applewhite - Ari and Jenny, vocals, co-writer of her portion
Jerrell Wiggins - independent musician, co-producer and co-writer of his portion
Michael "Ace One" Cobbs - Breakdown Kings, co-writer of his portion
Executive Producer - James Dies, singer, Dell Zell


Chris Sarber - Sugar Moon Rabbit, guitar
Josh Spellman - Sugar Moon Rabbit, bass
Michael Boggs - Dell Zell, drums
Alex Dies - Dell Zell, guitar
Patrick Collins - Dell Zell, keyboards
Trevor Potts and Joe Hunter - Sugar Moon Rabbit, additional percussion

Here's more coverage of domestic violence from NUVO. 


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