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Vonnegut Library passes milestone



The Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library, a project in the works for over a year, has just received a $50,000 grant from the Lilly Endowment. The grant, which will be used to fund the Vonnegut library's strategic planning an development, marks an important step in the project's progress so far, the imprimatur of the city's — and one of the nation's — leading philanthropic organization.

"It is wonderful to have our efforts appreciated by an organization as respected as Lilly Endowment," said Julia Whitehead, the executive director and founder of the Vonnegut Library. Whitehead indicated that the Endowment's support has come in the wake of the project's having created alliances with local business partners and a base of active volunteers. She also noted the contributions of Kurt Vonnegut's son Mark and his sisters Edie and Nanny.

An undoubtedly major element in winning the Endowment's support was the willingness of law firm Katz and Korin to donate its 1,100 square foot ground floor space, previously used by the Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art, in the Emelie Building at 340 N. Senate Ave., to the Vonnegut Library project. Architect Mark Demerly is donating his services in leading the effort to design the space to accommodate the library's various programs.

The Vonnegut Library is a nonprofit organization aimed at celebrating the literary, artistsic and cultural contributions of Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. The library is intended to serve as a cultural and educational resource center, functioning as a museum, art gallery, and reading room. The Library plans to open this November. For more information, go to www.vonnegutlibrary,org.

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