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Voter registration ends, early voting begins



Procrastinators must act now if they want to vote in this fall's municipal election. Voter registration ends next Tuesday, a day later than usual, because Columbus Day will keep most government offices closed on Monday.

While most government employees take a holiday Monday, Marion County Clerk Beth White and her staff will be on duty for the first day of early voting. The clerk's office, on the first floor in the west wing of City-County Building, near the Delaware Street entrance, will be open from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Early voting is available to any registered voter and is offered as a service to expand the realm of opportunity for people to engage in the voting process.

People wishing to cast an early vote must bring valid photo identification issued by the state or the federal government. After completing an early voting application, the voter will receive a ballot to complete and then seal in a security envelope. The envelopes are stored in a vault until Election Day, Nov. 8, when bi-partisan teams deliver them to that voter's precinct to be counted.

Street parking is available, but voters choosing to use the Market and Alabama Street pay lots at the corner can obtain refund vouchers from the Election Board office.

Residents hoping to squeeze in for last-minute registration can visit Marion County's Office of Voter Registration, just across the hall from the Clerk's office. The registration office WILL BE CLOSED MONDAY, but on Tuesday, Oct. 11, people can register on side of the hall and vote on the other.

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