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Weaving through Walls: An Installation by Susan Tennant



Four stars

Christopher West Presents. Susan Tennant, Associate Professor at the School of Informatics at IUPUI, wanted to "transform the clean cube" of the CWP exhibition space and she did so in a truly dynamic way in this installation. She wove slender fiberglass rods — rods used by manufacturers of satellite dishes — in and out of the white walls.She constructed spheres out of these rods as well as long tails flowing from them so they appear as if they're flying out of the walls like comets. Multiple rows of rods attached to one corner of Christopher West's "cube" suggest the printed lines in music staff paper while a comet's tail of fiberglass snakes through the wall terminating in a spherical head out in the hallway. Elsewhere, strings of black and red fiberglass contort in every which way, in curvilinear configurations. The fiberglass rods, which would straighten out in a snap if removed from their fixed positions on the walls (as they possess no physical memory), help to give this installation a certain tension. You might think of the moment in a hard jazz performance before everything explodes — and the tension releases. Through Sept. 25; 908-2908;


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