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Weekend Nachos ready for a fourth Dude Fest


Weekend Nachos (NOT shitheads)
  • Weekend Nachos (NOT shitheads)

Weekend Nachos are no strangers to Dude Fest. The guys in the Chicago hardcore act might even be considered veterans.

“This is actually our fourth Dude Fest,” Weekend Nachos vocalist John Hoffman said. “As a matter of fact, Dude Fest is the whole reason that we started playing shows in Indianapolis in the first place. We owe a lot to [Dude Fest organizer] Derek Black. He’s definitely a fucking weirdo but he is such a great guy. He’s just super nice.”

While Chicago has an almost infinitely bigger scene than that of Indianapolis, Hoffman always looks forward to playing here.

“Sure, there’s always a lot more going on in Chicago,” Hoffman said. “it’s the center of the Midwest. But Chicago goes through different eras of whether the scene is good or not and it’s sorta dead right now.”

Outside of their Dude Fest appearances, most of WN’s Indianapolis shows had been organized by Scott Kilcoyne, frontman for local hardcore act Picked Clean.

“Scott’s a really cool dude, and he's our connection to the DIY hardcore scene in Indy,” Hoffman said.

Weekend Nachos and Picked Clean share a certain bleak brutality in their music, but Hoffman insists that the negativity is only skin deep.

“My band is made up of a bunch of weird dudes,” he explained. “We want to express ourselves collectively but we can’t do it with silly, happy songs.”

With song titles like “Shot in the Head”, “Acceptable Violence” and “Reason To Die,” it’s obvious that WN won’t be appearing on Yo Gabba Gabba anytime soon. Still, they confine any brutal behavior to their work.

“Yeah, we write heavy, brutal music with hateful, pissed off lyrics, but the negativity doesn’t extend beyond our songs," Hoffman said. "No one should force themselves into being unpleasant. You can express yourself without being a shithead.”

Catch Weekend Nachos Friday night at The Hoosier Dome with Iron Lung, Coliseum and Coffinworm. Go HERE for more info on Dude Fest.


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