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Wendy Gould: Korean whirlwind update


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I apologize for the month long hiatus. Korea is still Korea and I am still me. Somedays I still wake up in the mornings and think, "Holy crap! I live in Korea," but most of the time it's just a simple, "Oh yeah, I live in Korea..." :)

This entry serves one purpose: to catch readers up (all two of you) on my life abroad. Let's see, where should I start...I'll start at the very beginning - it's a very good place to staaaart - when you read you begin with a b c.... ahem.

I left you yearning for more when I updated with some pictures from my Korean office and classroom. I'll pick up at a point shortly after those photos were taken:

At the end of February, David and I tickets to see 63 City, the largest building in Korea (and 63 stories high). It's fully equipped with an IMAX, indoor aquarium, and skyart center, shops, restauraunts and cute little bistros. We went with a friend and spent most of our time in the aquarium. Looksee:

63 City in Seoul, South Korea

Oh hello, sea princess!

63 City in Seoul, South Korea

63 City in Seoul, South Korea

These fish didn't move and they look just like leaves!

63 City in Seoul, South Korea

I love these colors!

63 City in Seoul, South Korea

I said to David, "Oh look! Lion Fish!" And he said, "It's you!"

63 City in Seoul, South Korea


63 City in Seoul, South Korea

These fish eat your dead skin right off! They have manicure/pedicure places in Seoul where they use these fish -- totally going.

63 City in Seoul, South Korea

Jellyfish are so ethereal.

63 City in Seoul, South Korea


63 City in Seoul, South Korea

I love sea otters!

Where did I find time to visit such a wonderful place? Well, I was on a 2 week-long vacation which was mega appreciated. I must confide in you, dear readers, that it felt awfully strange to have no obligations or personal projects that were demanding my full attention. As a result, I did a bunch of nothing and I regret that in no way.

Anything I did it was because I felt like it (including the dishes) and no alarm clocks were forcing me to abide by their shrill beeps. There was no guilt that accompanied my time spent doing nill, which is only a second or a third, if not a first, for me. The glossy pages of my $8 USA magazines were lazily paged through (and I didn't even take notes), destination-less strolls were had and lots of flirting went down with my handsome prince. Bliss.

With that said, I did look forward to teaching again and I ushered in the change of pace with a cup of hot coffee, bread with jam and a giddy smile my first day back. I don't know if it was because of my much needed - and deserved - vacay or the fact that I'm just warmed up to the new job, but things seem to be going very well. And I'd like to say that I'm excited for what the semester will bring. Am I making you gag yet?

Anyway, a cute story to share with you. The other day I taught 3rd graders and since it's the new semester, these are fresh 3rd graders who just graduated from the esteemed 2nd grade. As a result, it's their first year studying English with the foreign teacher (that would be moi). I pranced into the classroom right as the bell was ringing and all the students got quiet because, well, I'm like an airplane to them (rare to come by and very cool). All of a sudden, a wee little girl with the jolliest grin and pink-rimmed glasses shouted, "HELLO MY NAME IS SOPHIA!"

I said, "Hello, Sophia!" right back to her, of course!

Tis all for now. Anyeonhikeesayo! (goodbye) ^^*

Wendy Rose


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