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It's Record Store Day, and we're going shopping



Kristen Pugh and Alex Wisemiller love Record Store Day — and each other. - STEPHANIE RESENDEZ PHOTOGRAPHY // DESIGN BY WILL MCCARTY
  • Stephanie Resendez Photography // Design by Will McCarty
  • Kristen Pugh and Alex Wisemiller love Record Store Day — and each other.

Say your local alternative weekly – perhaps this alternative weekly – was loaded with cash. Just totally flush. And say we dolled out all that cash to about 25 record store owners, writers, label heads and otherwise interesting people with this caveat: they had to spend it all on five purchases at Record Store Day, which is this Saturday. What would those people buy?

Wonder no longer! This week, NUVO decided to live in that hypothetical. What follows is 25 lists of dream purchases for Record Store Day. This includes mostly exclusive-to-RSD releases, including box sets, picture discs and other super-expensive-but-totally-enviable goodies, plus non-RSD releases that our listers covet, too. Space constrained us from listing all of the bells and whistles that accompany these releases (the exact type of swirly colored vinyl or gold-plated record sleeves or petrified wood boxes these records come in), but a quick Google search will set you straight on the specifics.

Record Store Day has become quite the event. Almost every local store hosts live in-store performances and day-long parties. We've summed up the Central Indiana highlights here. 

We hope these lists help you start brainstorming your purchases for this Saturday. Send your own list of five covetable records to by Thursday at midnight, and we'll put together a readers' wish list on Friday.

Brett Alderman

Writer for NUVO and gear head

• Neko Case – The Fox Confessor Brings the Flood LP From the first moment I heard the opening kick drum/crash cymbal/snare hit on "Star Witness" I knew I would fall in love with whatever came next. It just happened to be the voice of one of the best vocalists and songwriters making music. I've been hooked on her music ever since, and the idea of adding this to my vinyl collection gives me goosebumps, like the first time I heard that song.

• The 101'ers – Elgin Avenue Breakdown Revisited LP It's no secret to the people in my life that Joe Strummer and The Clash have had a tremendous impact on my life for the past decade or so. It's nice to dig into Mr. Mellor's early work with The 101'ers.

• Miles Davis – The Prestige 10" Collection Vol 2 It's Miles. What more needs to be said?

• The Dead Milkmen – Beelzebubba LP One of my childhood friends had the coolest older sister on the planet and she liked The Dead Milkmen. Their music made my parents uncomfortable, so it was several years before I really listened. And "Punk Rock Girl" is on this one.

• Jurassic 5 – Quality Control: The Wood Box LP I stole my brother-in-law's CD of Quality Control because it was so good. Maybe stole isn't the right word. I've been borrowing it for over a decade (that's better). I might return it if I could listen to it on vinyl. 

Jeb Banner

Founder of Musical Family Tree and SmallBox

• Father John Misty – I Love You, Honeybear 7" I am obsessed with Father John Misty so I would love to have this even though I am morally opposed to novelty vinyl. 

• Paul McCartney – The Family Way: Original Soundtrack Recording 12" Just because I have to have everything every Beatle ever did while they were in the Beatles. After they broke up the rule no longer applies.

• Of Montreal – Snare Lustrous Doomings Double LP I love of Montreal even if they sometimes lose the scent. I enjoyed their live set at WARM last year. It's fun to hear studio songs brought to life, especially since most of the band's recordings (historically) have been one guy (Kevin Barnes) getting all Prince-y in the studio.

• Sly and The Family Stone – Live at the Fillmore East Double LP I'm a sucka for Sly. When he was at his peak he could do no wrong. I don't have any live recordings by the band. This might be my most coveted one on the list. I just hope it was a professional recording. I don't want it if it's some guy with a tape recorder in the audience. That won't fly.

• The Zombies – R.I.P. LP  A follow up to Odessey and Oracle?! I had no idea such a thing existed and I'm a pretty big Zombies fan. Scratch that comment about Sly; this is the must-get album from RSD 2015! 

Brain Twins

Local illustrators and animators Justin Shimp and Jessica Dunn

• LUNA Music 20th Anniversary Live at LUNA Music Lathe-Cut 7'' Box Set We love the ideas/collaborators behind this release and would love to have a copy and see more local live shows made available physically. Their first lathe-cut series features design and layout from Commercial Artisan, artwork by Nat Russell, hand-screening by Dave Windisch, along with hand-assembling/embossing by the LUNA crew!

• Don Muro – As Long As I've Got You 7" Ever since Flannelgraph re-released It's Time, we have been rabid fans.  

• Animal Collective – Prospect Hummer LP This is one of our favorite collaborations ever recorded and it's now on vinyl for the first time! Vashti Bunyan's delightful voice with Animal Collective doing their best psychedelic folk instrumentation from the Sung Tongs era.

• Amon Tobin – Dark Jovian LP Sure to be a cosmic experience. For this interesting release, Amon Tobin was inspired by the moons of Jupiter.

• Sun Ra – Calling Planet Earth LP Ever since we saw the documentary Sun Ra: A Joyful Noise, we have been huge fans. This is a recording of Sun Ra and his Arkestra recorded at Tivoli Hall in Copenhagen, Denmark on December 5, 1971.

Heath Byers

Co-owner of Bloomington's Landlocked Music

• Brian Eno – My Squelchy Life LP All hail the Uber-mensch! 

• Sly and the Family Stone – Live at the Fillmore East LP Pour this party into your ears!

• Various Artists – Trojan Records: Rude Boy Rumble LP Vintage Vinyl STL's Papa Ray curated this, guaranteed to be amazing.

Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band – You Can't Judge A Book 7" Our friends at Daddy Kool in Florida helped birth this righteous platter.

• William Tyler – Deseret Canyon LP William is a kind man and a great guitarist. Finally widely available.

Andrew Crowley

NUVO writer, brewery worker and trivia master

• Slim Dunlap – The Old Me/Times Like This LPs Two of his albums that have never been released on vinyl. The former Replacements guitarist suffered a stroke in 2012. Dunlap has had some struggles paying his medical bills and if this helped him out, I'd be really glad. Get well soon, Slim.

• Gram Parsons/Lemonheads – Brass Buttons 7" The original and the cover. Evan Dando has a real knack for a great cover, as evidenced by this Gram Parson's cover, "Mrs. Robinson," and "The Ballad of El Goodo." Dando sang another Parsons cover on a 1999 Gram Parsons tribute record.

• Syd Barrett/R.E.M. – Dark Globe 7" I like the Barrett era of Pink Floyd the best. This is one of Barrett's best songs, a sad portrait of his crumbling sanity and battle with mental illness. R.E.M. turns in a lovely cover. Michael Stipe has a real knack for interpreting covers: staying true to the original while bringing something new to it.

• Polaris – Music From The Adventures of Pete & Pete LP One of my favorite shows as a kid. Some members of the jangle pop band Miracle Legion were also in Polaris. The perfect soundtrack for the summer or autumn.

• The Replacements – Alex Chilton 10" A selection of cuts from The 'Mats classic 1987 LP, Pleased To Meet Me. Alex Chilton is a tribute to one of the greatest singers/songwriters of all time. It's a track that captures the joy of discovering an artist that becomes so meaningful and important. There's also a cover of "Route 66" and when The Replacements do a cover, something interesting and occasionally great happens.

Kirsten Eamon-Shine

Spends her workday championing early childhood education with Early Learning Indiana, and her off hours exploring Indy's parks, arts and eats

• Various Artists – I'm Here Soundtrack 12" In 2010 Spike Jonze made a short film about robots, life and love, which turned out to be a bit of a precursor to Her. The soundtrack to that 30-minute movie includes Animal Collective, Sleigh Bells, Of Montreal and more — and it sounds great.

• Mark Mothersbaugh – The Lego Movie 2 x 12"  Minimoogs for minifigs, this is basically a pre-purchase for when my kid is old enough to listen to his 8th favorite Yo Gabba Gabba cast member's soundtrack work. Plus, come on, Motherbaugh's a legendary maker of scores.

• Various Artists – The Darjeeling Limited 12" Worth it for The Kinks' "Strangers" alone (have you seen this heartachingly beautiful scene?), this is also a great way to dive into Satyajit Ray's excellent compositions.

• Stephen Rennicks – Frank Original Soundtrack 12" Pressed in green wax and featuring Michael Fassbender on vocals (what can't that man do?) these songs have bracingly odd lyrics including "prodigal son waits to return to where the dogs play pool" that will be especially appealing for those who have seen this weird, music movie. 

• Air – Playground Love / High School Lover 7" Virgin Suicides' best two tracks, in orange colored vinyl. This one is sure to make my heart ache like the disgruntled high school girl I once was.

  • Stephanie Resendez Photography
  • Browsing at Indy CD and Vinyl

Jim Ector

Owner of Karma Records

• Ryan Adams – Come Pick Me Up 7"

• St. Paul & the Broken Bones – Live From the Alabama Theater

• Otis Redding – Otis Blue: Otis Redding Sings Soul LPs

The Hold Steady – Heaven is Whenever LP

• GROUPLOVE – Under the Covers 10"

Kyle Long

NUVO's Cultural Manifesto columnist and DJ

• Exploring the vendors Before picking up some RSD releases I would first head to the Discount Mall on Lafayette Road to visit one of the Mexican music vendor booths.

• Buena Vista Social Club – Chan Chan 7" A 45 RPM vinyl release of Compay Segundo's haunting "Chan Chan" backed with an incredible previously unissued BVSC track? Yes, and this may be my favorite RSD release of 2015. The timeless "Chan Chan" sounds like it could've been written hundreds of years ago, but Segundo composed the song in 1987 — he said the melody came to him in a dream. 

• Orlando Julius – James Brown Rides On 7" Funky Nigerian afrobeat celebrating the godfather of soul's 1970 concert in Lagos. The equally funky "Psychedelic Afro Shop" occupies the flip side.

• ESG – The Moody EP 12" Three sisters from the South Bronx recorded this experimental post-punk-Afro-Latin-disco dancefloor bomb in 1981. This EP has been sampled for tracks by Public Enemy, Notorious B.I.G. and countless others. The music still sounds as fresh and revolutionary as ever.

• J Dilla – Fuck The Police 7" Picture Disc Killer picture disc and my favorite track featuring Dilla as MC. But I mostly picked this for the current relevance of the message. We need more contemporary artists making strong, confrontational statements against corrupt systems of power.

Kelly Pardekooper

NUVO Account Manager and musician

• Giant Sand – Valley of Rain 30th Anniversary Reissue LP Big fan of early Howie Gelb/John Convertino rockin' combo that predates their "alone in the desert" Tucson/Calexico vibe.

• Otis Redding – Pain In My Heart LP Not a RSD release...but that song and voice stops me in my tracks every time. Every single time!

• Social Distortion – Social Distortion LP My Los Angeles years gave me a bigger appreciation for SD. Loud LA tattoo hot rod rock that sounds good turned up.

• The Kinks – Kinksize Hits LP Hard to get 1965 Kinks on vinyl and my dad played them constantly when I was growing up.

• Bruce Springsteen – Nebraska LP Grew up with Born in the USA era Bruce on the radio, but this is the album that connected me to the whole alt-country, Americana lo-fi sound. A million songwriters are still chasing this sound.

Taylor Peters

Blog Editor at Musical Family Tree.

• Merzbow / Xiu Xiu – Merzxiu LP I heard Jamie Stewart doesn't sing on this one, so I'm in it to win it. 

• Oneohtrix Point Never – Commissions II LP I will swallow my anti-capitalism pride at the fact that half of this thing was commissioned for Red Bull because it's 2015 and Lopatin is my hero. 

• Valerio Tricoli – Miseri Lares LP This isn't a RSD release — it's just something awesome that I've long kept myself from buying because the import price on a double LP is steep. Thanks for the ca$h, NUVO! 

• Bedhead - 1992 – 1998 LP Box Set Every time I listen to Bedhead I remember they are my favorite band, but I guess not favorite enough to spend my own money on this whole box set at once. Sorry, Kadane brothers (especially you, Bubba). 

• Vibes Used Thing Budget One time I bought a really nice copy of Van Der Graaf Generator's Pawn Hearts that I couldn't technically afford at Vibes because it's awesome and Zeps is a great buyer. I want to live that dream again.

Kristen Pugh

Photographer for NUVO; pictured above with her fiance Alex

• The White Stripes – Get Behind Me Satan LP This album has been on my wish list for YEARS! Jack White is finally releasing this masterpiece on vinyl (thank you, Mr. White!) and I'm so excited to get my hands on this perfect album. 

• Brand New – Deja Entendu LP This album is a classic, in my opinion. Although I'm no longer an angsty, pissed-off teenager, Brand New will always have a special place in my heart. Jesse Lacey is a lyrical genius."DIE YOUNG AND SAVE YOURSELF!!!"

• Air – Playground Love / High School Lover 7" The Virgin Suicides, one of my all-time favorite movies, introduced me to Air. The soundtrack is so moody, dreamy, and absolutely beautiful. I'll have to grab this 7" colored vinyl.

• The Black Keys & Junior Kimbrough – Meet Me in the City 7" Because I love Dan and Patrick. "All Night Long" is a damn good song too.

• Various Artists – Sun Records Curated by Record Store Day Vol. 2 Last year, we purchased Volume 1 and really enjoyed the compilation. We have to get Volume 2 this year!

Todd Robinson

Owner of LUNA Music

• LUNA Music 20th Anniversary Live at LUNA Music Lathe-Cut 7'' Box Set A five 7" lathe-cut, hand-built box set, of LIVE recordings from previous LUNA in-stores! Series one includes EXCLUSIVE performances from Bill Callahan (Too Many Birds), Kyle Field (Scuby), Mark Kozelek  (Grace Cathedral Park), Kurt Vile (In My Time) and Ben Watt (Spring). Cut one-at-a-time, in real time, by Mike Dixon, on his 70 year-old lathe and housed in embossed LUNA inner sleeves. Only 75 of these sets will be available on RSD, with no digital counterpart.

• Assateague – Good Morning Blues LP The 2015 reissue/remaster of the San Francisco band, Assateague's stunningly beautiful LP, Good Morning Blues, will be available to purchase — after being out-of-print for nearly two years.

• The LUNA Music RSD 2015 Record Frisbee Grab yourself one of our limited, made just for the day, LUNA frisbees! Part M&Co., part Beat Junction, and all Jim and Jon — this Commercial Artisan flyer is certain to be a spring staple! The first 15 folks in line will get one, FREE.

• The U – Turn Orbit This Orbit Turntable also comes with: a precision machined CLEAR acrylic platter, a pre-installed Audio-Technica AT95E cartridge, Orbit's unipivot tonearm and dust cover — as well as all required cables. With 30 second set-up time out of box and lifetime technical support—we are stoked that LUNA has been chosen as one of the few test retailers for this rad deck!

• Trojan Records – Rude Boy Rumble Curated by Papa Ray, of Vintage Vinyl St. Louis


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