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What Happened for the week of 4/10

On Monday, Indianapolis received recognition for having the nation's best new complete streets ordinance from The National Complete Streets Coalition. Mayor Greg Ballard signed the measure, which takes a holistic approach to infrastructure development by taking into account a variety of users, including bikes and pedestrians — after the Indianapolis Marion County City-County Council unanimously passed it last summer. (JM)

The gun lobby maintains its solid influence over the Indiana General Assembly. If lawmakers embrace a amendment to a Senate bill that a House committee passed last Wednesday, legislators may distinguish themselves by making Indiana the first state in the nation to advance an NRA-inspired policy requiring on armed employee in all public schools. The proposal calls for the state to offer grants to help offset the costs of the mandate — $30,000 per year for two years for schools with 1,000 students or less, $50,000 for bigger schools. This effort coincides with an effort to woo more small arms manufacturers to the area. (RT)

The oil lobby is also having a good year at the Indiana Statehouse. The Senate did not display any interest in reducing the nation's carbon footprint or increasing development of alternative fuels when it passed SR41, a resolution that reads like a re-write of a news release from TransCanada, the company behind the Keystone XL project. The House was expected to vote Tuesday on HR47, its own version of the love letter to Canadian tar-sands oil. (RT)

On Saturday, Congressman AndrŽ Carson presented retired U.S. Rep. (and Thought Bite author) Andy Jacobs, Jr. with a ÒDistinguished Public Service AwardÓ from The Bowen Center for Public Affairs at Ball State University. Jacobs, a graduate of Shortridge High School, fought in the Korean War with the U.S. Marine Corps. He served as a Democrat in Congress for three decades, advocating for, among things, an end to the Vietnam War and an enactment of a balanced budget amendment. (RT)

Louisville and Michigan fought an epic battle in the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship Game. Though Louisville prevailed 82-76, several Hoosiers playing for Michigan did their home state proud, most notably Crown Point's Spike Albrecht. On the pro level, the Indiana Pacers warmed our hearts by earning the NBA's 2012-1013 Central Division championship. Local DJs would love throw a party, but are miffed that the team is brought in an out-of-town jam master (from Ohio of all places) to entertain fans at the Fieldhouse.

In other sports news, the Alley Cats, Indy's professional ultimate Frisbee team, begins its season April 13 and will have its first home game at Kuntz Stadium on April 20. (RT)


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