When Every River Turned Against Us



When Every River Turned Against Us: Lessons from the Great 1913 Flood airs Nov. 21, 7:30 p.m., on WFYI-1

What's the perfect setup for a monumental flood disaster? Build your house just at a river bank, asphalt and cover with concrete drainage land, cut down trees, eliminate wetlands, be cavalier about weather, have no plans for prevention, rescue, relief and rehabilitation when a river does flood, never learn from the past.

When Every River Turned Against Us poignantly revisits the devastation of 1913 flood in Indiana. Instead of "Fair & Warmer" for Easter Sunday, March 23, Fort Wayne was under 4-inches of water while in Brookville eight members of the Fries-Seiwert family were swept away in their sleep when without warning water thundered through their house. Amazing photography, pointed commentary warn us to get in sync with nature.

- Rita Kohn


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