White River Recovery Effort



An estimated five million fish died in 1999 when chemical discharge leaked into the White River

A friend in need is a friend indeed. Friends of the White River, in particular, is in need of environmentally conscientious Indianapolis residents to help them continue their conservation work with the beleaguered waterway.

Their newest restorative push is a set of state-issued regulations geared towards continuing the river’s recovery following a chemical discharge by Guide Corp., an automotive parts manufacturer, that killed an estimated five million fish in 1999. More than a decade later, the river is still struggling to regain its health.

In an effort to help fish populations recover, the proposed regulations would prevent anglers from keeping more than two fish exceeding 15 inches in length each day. The rule would apply to all rivers and streams in the state.

Sugar Creek benefited from a similar program that met with great success: the regulations helped protect adult breeding stock- a crucial step in replenishing the affected populations.

To cast your vote on the subject, send an email to Friends of the White River’s Executive Director Kevin Hardie at Type fast, the deadline for your emails is Tuesday, Jan. 11.


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