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Who is Donald Trump's VP pick, Mike Pence? A primer for non-Hoosiers

Getting to know our Gov


Well, hello new readers. Today — according to a report by Roll Call — you found out your new Republican Vice Presidential candidate for these United States. 

This is Mike Pence. He's been Indiana's governor since 2013. 

Some would say that Mike Pence is not very popular in Indiana. Why? We'll lay this out very simply for anyone who hasn't been tuned into Indiana politics for the last three or so years. 

This is John Gregg. He was running against Pence in this year's governor's race, and by all accounts, doing very well. Some have posited that accepting the VP nom is Mike Pence's exit strategy from a floundering gubernatorial campaign. 

Gregg has come out strong against many of Pence's major efforts during his term. Here's Gregg speaking to LGBT newspaper The Word earlier this year: "This governor has embarrassed us. Hoosiers overwhelmingly don't believe in discrimination."

Kevin Warren - MARK A. LEE
  • Mark A. Lee
  • Kevin Warren
This is Kevin Warren, orchestrator of the wildly successful Pence Must Go campaign, which popped blue and gold signs all over Central Indiana after a failed attempt to deny marriage equality in the state constitution — even in Pence's own yard. 

  • Mark A. Lee
This is the spirit of the anonymous founder of Periods for Pence, who channeled righteous indignation into a massively successful calling campaign in the days and weeks after Pence signed abortion restrictions bill HEA1337 into law. 

Here's our comprehensive coverage of HEA1337, including stories from Hoosier women who have experienced miscarriage or chosen abortion on the impact of the new legislation. Judge Tanya Walton Pratt ordered a temporary injunction of HEA1337 the day before it went into effect on July 1. 


This is Glenda Ritz, State Superintendent of Public Instruction. Ritz and Pence have been locked in a battle over education since her grassroots victory in 2012, with many calling his various actions — creating a state board of education with every position appointed by himself — an overreach. She entered the governor's race as a Democratic candidate against Pence before withdrawing last August. 


This is a family of Syrian refugees, and a collection of Muslim and Christian families who gathered to offer prayers for them shortly after the family's arrival in Indiana. Pence tried to ban Syrian refugees from Indiana last year. (It didn't work, because that is unconstitutional.) He also advocated the return of Central and South American refugee children that crossed the U.S. border in 2014. 


This is Dana Black and Keith Potts, Democratic candidates for Indiana House of Representatives District 88 and Indiana State Senate District 30, respectively. Potts has since withdrawn, but Black continues her campaign against incumbent Speaker of the House Brian Bosma. Both Black and Potts identify as LGBTQ, and were inspired to run after RFRA.

Pence was in Congress from 2001 to 2013. Here's how he voted. Other constituencies that might be peeved at Pence? His pro-traditional marriage, anti-gun control, anti-Obamacare, anti-stimulus, anti-education fund, anti-EPA regulation, anti-expanded Medicare, anti-immigration voting record may lend some clues. He has an A+ from the NRA, a 7 percent rating by the ACLU and a 22 percent rating by the NAACP.

Need more? Here's everything we've written about Pence in a nutshell. 


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