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Who to watch in this year's Mass Ave Crit

Read this before placing your bets.




Editor's note:
Our anonymous MAC experts convened to put together a list of field standouts and teams to look out for this Saturday on the course.

Women's Racing Project
Watch them in:
The Women's Category 1/2/3

What to look for: The one off the front of the race: Sierra Siebenlist has stood on the top step of the podium the past 2 years, and this summer she's been on her A-game racing crits all over the Midwest. If there is a move ahead of the field, Siebenlist will be in it or chasing it down. 

First Internet Bank
Watch them in:
The Women's Category 1/2/3 and the Men's 1/2

What to look for: Attacks. FIB women's team is stacked with some serious firepower this year, with new riders like Rachel Metherd and Rachel Langdon, as well as seasoned favorites like Sarah Demerly and Bri Clark. On the men's side, both Ben Schmutte and Ryan Knapp (last year's winner) are riding well this season, so expect to see them at the front of the race as well.

Team CornFed
Watch them in: The Fixed Gear Race

What to look for: Scott Harris, in a tank top, healthy beard and cut-off jeans. The bike messenger is no stranger to riding the streets of Indy — and riding them fast. Last year Harris finished in third place, no doubt leaving him thirsty for the top step of the podium this year. Representing Team CornFed with a few other riders, Harris will be in the hunt for a win this year.

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Team Upland Brewing
Watch them in:
The Men's Category 3/4 and Men's Category 1/2

What to look for: Jerseys with beer in the back pocket. But don't be fooled — this team does more than have fun. They will be serious contenders in the race with riders like Rhys Edwards, Scott Baumer, Zach Deitch, Andrew Truemper, and Lewis Hendrickson (Indy Crit Category 3/4 winner and Bloomington Category 3 crit winner). In the Men's 1/2, the riders to watch are Andrew Messer, Alex Weisler, and Doug Fagan. Regardless of how the race goes down, Fagan is almost always present in the final sprint.


Texas Roadhouse Cycling
Watch them in: The Men's Category 1/2

What to look for: Four guys riding in a line. Recently crowned team pursuit national champions on the track (Zach Carlson, Kyle Perry, Jordan Marhanka, and Ryan Shean), these guys will be returning to the streets with their new gold-medal status. Like a velodrome, the Mass Ave Criterium course has only left hand turns. So that can only be a good thing for Roadhouse. Marhanka will be hot and determined to upset the Bissell train. Matt Salpeitro has been consistent all summer with good legs and smart racing. With these very experienced crit riders and strong sprinters (and an awesome discount at Texas Roadhouse) this team has what it takes to get a rider on the podium again this year.

Team Bissell-ABG-Giant
Watch them in:
The Men's Category 1/2

What to look for: Electric blue lighting up the field. Watch for riders like Johnathan Jacobs, Aaron Beebe, and Thomas Revard to be relentlessly flying off the front. Josh Johnson and Hogan Sills are likely to be the first to the line on the prime laps or if it comes down to a field sprint. As one of the largest team in the field, Bissel-ABG-Giant will be all over every move like vacuums on dirt.


And keep your eye on Johnson and the #dadwatts. Johnson has been crushing it this summer, taking the win at Indy Crit and finishing well at the Tour of Bloomington road race. Johnson was also the collegiate criterium national champion in 2015. His new baby, Graham, will probably be cheering on his dad along the course this weekend.

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Zipp Masters Team
Watch them in: Men's Masters Race

What to look for: Youthful old dudes. While their category says they're ages 40+, you wouldn't know it from watching these guys race. Riders like Ben Weaver, Dean Peterson, and Andrzej Banaszkiewicz are strong and wise from years and years racing their bikes, which makes for a tactically exciting and blazing fast race.

Watch for Andrzej, who has been putting in the work this season, and it shows in his results. The powerhouse Zipp Masters Team will be firing on all cylinders to try and put Andrzej in a winning move and get him to the line first.

Watch them in:
Turn One

What to look for: Bikes sliding and riders flipping onto the ground. Most likely in turn one, the sharp left corner that goes around the Dancing Lady sign. Stand here to witness the skill of avoidance, and also carnage.


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