Will latest shooting incident derail the 'bring-your-gun-to-work' bill?


Last week, the Indiana General Assembly debated whether or not to pass a law that would allow Hoosiers to bring their guns to work, so long as the guns were left hidden in their owners' cars.

As reported in the Indianapolis Star, one major exemption would be for "employees of centers for the developmentally disabled who drive patients in their personal vehicles" -- as though the developmentally disabled were the only ones who had the potential to shoot-up their place of employment.

Never heard of going postal?

As I opined in another blog last week, such a bill, if passed, would have represented the height of insanity. The workplace can be a space of intense stress, conflict, insecurity and frustration.

Not only would the bill enable would-be shooters just that much more, but I'm pretty sure the "developmentally disabled" exemption is an oblique insult to the developmentally disabled. Truth be told, I'm a lot more scared of a rabid tea-bagger these days than anyone with Down's Syndrome.

Of course, this is Indiana, and the law passed on Thursday with only a modicum of resistance -- 75-20 in the House, and 41-9 in the Senate. Now all it needs is Governor Mitch Daniels' signature to become law.

But a funny thing happened between then and now, and the irony is so thick you might want to pull those winter boots back out of the closet.

Per the

Jane Jankowski, a spokeswoman for Daniels told me today that the bill still hasn't reached the governor's desk. "Gov. Daniels will review the bill as planned, as he does all other legislation that reaches his desk," she said.

Let's hope Friday's shooting gives Daniels a moment's pause.


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