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IndyFringe Theatre, June 25

3 stars

The IndyFringe Theatre is turning into a clubhouse for a range of local playwrights and actors, plus the occasional Fringe-y traveling performer. Productions have represented either works worth working on or worthwhile diversions from parts unknown. Winona, by longtime Indianapolis cultural activist Karl Zimmer, gives us something of both. The part unknown is small-town Indiana "before the Interstate," when the sophistication of public libraries was just a twinkle in a young woman's eye. Middle-aged IRT regular Rob Johansen bends well to play a much older man recalling the time and place through memories of Winona. It is a perfectly wistful name for a girl-woman who shines with liberal goodness and a hint of tragedy. Though framed as a mystery about Winona's fate, the tale seems more about liberalism, another phantom love that disappeared in the cornfields. Either way, that old man is pining for something so pure and righteous, it just never seems real.


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