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Wisdom From the Black Hole Rap Album


  • Mr. Kinetik

Mr. Kinetik

Black Hole Rap


Mr. Kinetik's Black Hole Rap is indebted not only to the evident hip-hop and soul influences, but also the curious Carl Saigon-esque media bytes peppered between tracks. This Indy-based hip-hop artist and DJ can often be found performing alongside Rusty Redenbacher and the #ATFU collective, however, this release is a solo depiction of Kinetik's personal enlightenment.

Fueled by syrupy soul samples and lively horns, these tracks illustrate one man's vision for cosmic creativity and positivity. Black Hole Rap is concerned with breathing energy back into the soulful jazzy vein of hip-hop, which seems to be diminishing more with every new rap song dropped on the radio. Mr. Kinetik fills the sonic space of this album with a plethora of wholesome funk, soul, and '70s samples, a far cry from the robotic auto-tuned sounds that unfortunately conquer a vast majority of the airwaves currently.

However, there are certain moments in the album where the blaring horns on actually override the vocal parts. Fortunately for Indianapolis hip-hop fans, Black Hole Rap is to poppy hip-hop as a mother's homecooked meal is to McDonald's. It makes you feel good, and it's good for you. On the title track, Kinetik repeats, "I'm feeling like a fresh pair of warm socks/ Right out the dryer"; this cozy sentiment embodies how most of the album leaves the listener feeling. Sandwiched between two tracks, "The Pivot" and "Cosmos," a man - - a character from a science fiction novel, perhaps? - - discusses his theory on human behavior and it's "unnatural naturalness" or "natural unnaturalness." It's not entirely clear why Mr. Kinetik, or Marc Williams, has chosen to place such a quotation between these songs on his album, but I don't think the answer is as abstract as it seems. On this album there is a definite interplay between the emotional, human experience of existence, and the astral, metaphysical realm to which we belong in as well.

In "The Cosmos," he mentions both cruising on a spaceship and sitting in his grandfather's basement in the same line. Kinetik is exploring the unique hinge through his music. He grounds the listener with his feel-good soul and funk, only to push us through his Hubble telescope to explore the connections of the cosmos.

The track "Focused" utilizes intense DJ scratching, while emphasizing the importance of concentration in the creation of music and lyrics. His use of the phrase "positive progress" on this song epitomizes the theme of this song, and the ultimate tone of the album. Mr. Kinetik is a musician concerned with the livelihood of creative endeavors, and the positive progression of the community where he resides. Black Hole Rap is the product of a hip-hop artist whose goal is to spread his positive message through his lyrics and beats. He portrays an image of universal connectedness, from his family to the cosmos, for fans of intelligent hip-hop to both adhere to, and to aspire to sound like.


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