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WISH-TV cleaned UP in this year's NUVO Best Of Indy Voting, walking away with a number of first place finishes, including Best TV Station, Best Local TV Anchor/TV Reporter (Dave Barras) and Best Local Weatherperson (Randy Ollis). Barras and Ollis — which seriously sounds like a '60s pop duet — agreed to answer a few questions regarding their favorite things.


David Barras

We thought this was a nifty question for the TV guys: Who are your favorite radio personalities?

I'm a sports radio guy. I like listening to Dan Dakich when I get the chance. But it's tough because I'm working while he's on.   

Unlike a gig such as, say, "editor at NUVO," the broadcast biz requires getting fairly dressed up. (I'm in a dirty T-shirt and cutoffs for this interview, by the way.) What's your favorite place to buy a tie?

My favorite place to buy a tie is wherever it costs the least. Or, wherever the boss tells me to buy one. 

What's the best spot to show out-of-towners how great Indy is?

Downtown is a great place to take out-of-towners. I especially like to take them up close to Lucas Oil Stadium. It's a better venue than they have at home.

What's your favorite outdoor space in Indy?

The Indianapolis Zoo is a wonderful outdoor space. We have been members since it opened in White River State Park.  And we really enjoy it. 

Your perfect "night on the town" includes what?

My perfect night on the town includes my wife. If she's with me, I know it's going to be a great time.

Here's one for the info dude: best place to be stuck in traffic?

I don't mind getting stuck in traffic on Fall Creek near the Fairgrounds. I love electronic signs. So the longer I get to watch the one that's there, the happier I am.

Favorite movie about the news biz? 

Broadcast News is not just my favorite movie about the news biz, it's just a great movie overall. It very much reminds me of the early years in the news biz. 

Favorite anchorperson ever?

My favorite anchorperson ever is Walter Cronkite.  I know it's a cliché now. But I grew up with him. And no, that's not why I grew my moustache!


Randy Ollis

Who are your favorite radio personalities?

Jim, Deb and Kevin from WFMS.

Favorite place to buy a tie?


Best spot to show out-of-towners how great Indy is?

Victory Field and The Speedway.

Favorite outdoor space in Indy?

The Central Canal.

Favorite yearly festival or event?

The Mini!

Favorite place to grab a bite?

Giorgio's. (Editor's note: SOLID pick. Order a whole pie —not a slice — at this downtown pizzeria for a real New Yawk experience.)

A bigger meal?

St. Elmo's.

Any craft beer preferences?

I don't drink, so I'll go with root beer.

Your perfect "night on the town" includes what?

Dinner, then a Pacers game.

Best place to be stuck in traffic?

In front of my house. (Another Editor's Note: CLEVER.)

Favorite weatherman ever?

That's gotta be Harry Volkman from Chicago.

Do you prefer warm, cold or occluded fronts?

Cold fronts with big storms! (Another 'nother editor's note: Typical.).

Dave Barras currently serves as the anchor for WISH-TV's 24 Hour News 8 at Noon and 5 and serves as a general assignment reporter. Barras joined WISH in 1980. Randy Ollis has been a meteorologist for WISH since 1984, handling Daybreak and News 8 at Noon duties.

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