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Wuhnurth (One Earth) Music Festival: Day Three



Continued from Wuhnurth: day two.

The people of the woods were still coming to life when Ali Baba’s Tahini (featuring Umphreys McGee guitarist Jake Cinninger) began to play at noon. It was a strategic scheduling move, hoping the highly anticipated band (who had created quite a buzz prior to Wuhnurth) would be enough motivation to pull the drained festival goers from their tents. Alas, breakfast was still on the fire at my camp and we never made it to the set.

The Woodland stage was shut down after the last of its Saturday night activity and never resumed on Sunday. Accordingly, there were only half as many bands performing during the course of the day. During those sets, most people were busy packing up camp and taking advantage of the shuttle services that were still running regularly.

At 6 p.m. a solid crew showed up to the main stage to get funky with That 1 Guy. The crowd was noticeably lighter than it had been all weekend at the main stage, yet the dance floor was still cozy. The smaller audience also made for an intimate show, allowing everyone to get a close look at the bizarre instrument That 1 Guy has mastered. In addition to the baffling way he manipulates the contraption, his tenacity is easily observed by an enthusiastic range of facial expressions. Watch the video clip below and wait for the “Wuhnurth Breakdown” around 4:30.

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I was excited when I learned that Andreas Kapsalis & Goran Ivanovic would be at Wuhnurth, familiar with Ivanovic’s work from a preview I wrote for his show with Eastern Blok at The Melody Inn on August 2nd. Nimmer described the duo as “world class musicians” and offered their names when I asked his opinion for the must-see/can’t-miss shows at Wuhnurth. It was unfortunate that unsurpassed talent such as this group be scheduled so late on the last day of the festival when most people were already home and freshly bathed. Kapsalis and Ivanovic’s guitar performance was a true privilege to see- classically trained to play with lightning fast precision. Their set was a short 45 minutes, but more than enough time to exemplify their proficiencies in the art of guitar playing.

When I toured Stable Studios a month prior to Wuhnurth, my mind instantly envisioned the grounds populated with barking dogs and wandering people; I knew it would feel like more of a home than The Waterbowl ever could. Every physical thing that was a part of the festival felt personal and thoughtful- from life-size band schedules to bold and colorful art installations to signs conveying important information. Although it was, plain and simple, a pain in the ass to transport camping gear into the woods, I believe the tradeoff of camping in close proximity to the stages (and in the woods!) is more than worth the hassle. Security and staff were friendly and helpful, giving Wuhnurthers the freedoms they’ve come to accustomed to in festival life. Mother Nature was cooperative, giving warm and tolerable temperatures all weekend, complete with sun and a total lack of rain. And, of course, the music was superb.

Congratulations to James Nimmer and his staff, Stable Studios, all the bands, and every single person who attended the festival. Without each of these essential variables present in the equation, Wuhnurth could not be the magnificent destination that it has evolved into over the last three years. See you all again in 2011!


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