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Your election day soundtrack


I'm taking a brief break from my print deadlines to bring you this vid by Dante Augustus Scarlatti for "91% Disapproval," the perfect Election Day release. 


Lobbying monetary empires throwing piles of illegal tender into the fires of those who claim to represent us, as fuel for writing laws to further oppress us, while we vote in favor of furthering their careers spent furthering their careers spent (as):

100 senators (with 2 per state to mis-delegate) + 435 representatives (from districts in a constant rate of regression) + ??? How many dollars spent in campaigns by the corporations? = 9% of (313 million angry citizens + undeniable arithmetic odds) totaling a 91% chance that congress, in its incumbent state of constant stagnation, should get fucked.

More about Ameritheism from Musical Family Tree.


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