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No matter what Zach Adamson does, you can bet he is putting 100 percent effort into it. NUVO readers awarded him for his efforts and outspokenness on the issues and they weren't alone. Last month, Adamson was recognized by the National Sierra Club with its Distinguished Achievement Award for his advocacy in the effort to retire the Harding Street coal-fired power plant on the south side of Indianapolis.

Where is your favorite place to give a stump speech?

Anywhere in Martindale Brightwood area. You'll never be more welcomed into any community than there.

What is your favorite local museum?

One is never too old for the Children's Museum. But the programming and commitment to diversity makes the Eiteljorgat the top of the list, too.

I'm sure you go to a lot of these, but what is your favorite local annual event?

The Feast of Lanterns, the pride of the near eastside!

Your favorite place for a quick bite to eat?

Kountry Kitchen Soul Food Place at College and 19th. It's a heart attack waiting to happen but you'll die happy!

On the flip side, what is your favorite place for fine dining ?

Black Market at the north end of Mass Ave. I keep hoping they'll bring back their poutine. So good you'll literally weep at the table.

Favorite small venue for live music?

New place called The State Street Pub where you'll find a variety of live music from hip-hop to local Indi to '80s bands.

What is your favorite local charitable event?

There are so many but the one that is near and dear to my heart is any event that helps raise money for FIDO. Friends of Indianapolis Dogs Outside. They work to improve the living conditions for dogs who are forced to live their lives on the end of a chain.

Who is your favorite local personality you would want at your next dinner party?

There was a NUVO category for this. Abdul is a laugh a minute but he'll show up anywhere there's free food, so I'll say Bill Levin. He's equally entertaining but has much more discerning standards.

If you could have a favorite, where is your favorite place to get stuck in traffic?

Oh, I hate traffic. Any place is as bad as the next as long as it's not in a place I have to look at the Blue Indy cars taking up the best parking spaces in town.

And finally, what is your favorite source for local news?

Unbiased news? Without a doubt, NUVO. Too bad it only comes out once a week.


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